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Record Exchanger began in 1969 as the first magazine devoted to the history of Rock & Roll music. Since then we have published 31 issues, most of which are still available.

We specialize in the exchange of records and information about records, artists, and labels. In addition to our magazine, we have published the world's largest record auction, offering over 12,000 records per list, all from a single source. We have auctioned the rarest record, not once, but twice!

We also have a record label, Vintage Records. Ours is the only label with a unique label color and plastic color for each release. None of our records have ever been released on black vinyl.

Now, we move from print to the internet. We will be offering articles about the music and ultimately an online auction service. We encourage you to enter your email address on our home page and we will keep you informed of developments as this web site grows.

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